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Baclofen is one of the most up-to-date preparations that is extremely powerful and at the same time safe for the organism. Here you can buy Baclofen online at incredibly affordable price and get it quickly delivered.


There are many cases when Baclofen could be used for achieving quick and visible effect or at least improvement. Multiple sclerosis, cerebral fever, spinal diseases, head injuries, brain attack, infantile cerebral palsy and other diseases may be positively influenced or even treated with Baclofen. A more detailed list may be obtained either from your therapist or in the package with the preparation.


Baclofen is taken by mouth with food. The initial dose should be equal to 5 mg and taken three times per day. Add 5 mg of the preparation every three days until the dose reaches the normal level – 20-25 mg per day. In certain cases a patient should take the maximum recommended dose of Baclofen – 100 mg per day. However one should not decide such things himself. He or she should firstly consult his or her therapist.

Some people may discover that they have too high sensitivity to the initial dosage described above. They are recommended to start with 5 mg of Baclofen per day and then gradually increase the daily dose. Please, follow the recommendations concerning dosage carefully.

Overdose may cause the addiction to Baclofen which is very difficult to get rid of. Actually, it is the only possible risk while taking this preparation. But it is very easy to avoid it by following the recommendations prepared by specialists and stated in the instruction that is supplied inside the package.


The most common overdose symptoms are depressed respiration and vomiting. There also could be muscular hypotonia, convulsions and even coma in case of really serious overdose. Please, be careful!

There is no any specific antidote for treating the overdose consequences. It is recommended to drink much water and to take activated carbon or other gastrointestinal absorbent. Gastric lavage can be very helpful on the early stage when a patients has just started vomiting or feels nauseous.


When thinking about purchasing a Baclofen 10 mg pack people sometimes feel uncertain because of contraindications. We would like to reassure you that there are only few basic contraindications such as hypersensitivity, convulsions, epilepsy, Parkinson disease and severe psychological deviations. If you are still not sure whether Baclofen is a suitable medication for you, please don’t hesitate to contact your therapist.

Side effects

Luckily there are not that many Baclofen side effects as for other preparations of that kind. The most common side effects of Baclofen are:
  • Nausea (sometimes vomiting)
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Urinary retention and/or constipation
  • Gait disturbance
  • Low blood pressure etc.

Despite the entire list of side effects looks long and scary there is nothing to be worried about. The probability of suffering from a side effect is incredibly low and the action of a side effect is typically very short-lasting. Later during the course of treatment your organism will get used to Baclofen and no side effects will disturb you.

Withdrawal symptoms

Abstinence symptoms may appear only if you have suddenly stopped taking Baclofen and have already achieved the regular daily dosage.

Also the same discomfort may be caused by too long Baclofen consumption during a long period of time (for example, several months). Withdrawal symptoms include headache, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression and (very rarely) hallucinations. We would like to remind once again that the most important thing is to follow the doctor’s order or the instruction recommendations. Please get sure that you have correct Baclofen dosage and do not take the preparation for longer time than it is recommended.


French scientists made an outstanding discovery in the year 2014 – they found out that Baclofen is able to effectively treat alcoholism! They had been testing it on people suffering from alcoholism and Baclofen demonstrated impressive results regardless of the length of addiction and of the amount of alcohol usually drunk.

More than 80% of patients including the people with the most severe cases of alcoholism got cured and never returned to alcoholism again! Could you imagine that? None other medication can compare to Baclofen with its tremendous effectiveness.

Firstly French clinics tried to deny the success of Baclofen but later they had to admit that actually Baclofen today is the most sufficient preparation against alcohol. The book written by Dr. Oliver Ameisen and called “The Last Glass” (“Dernier verr”) also played a great role in it by letting thousands of people find out about unexpected results achieved with Baclofen.

The only issue is that it is incredibly important to find the right dosage for alcoholism treatments. Please contact your doctor firstly. He will set the most suitable dose particularly for you.

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