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Spine Disorders

Degenerative diseases

Nowadays degenerative spine diseases are the most common ones. The saddest fact is that more than half young people in their 20s suffer from them. The main reasons are stress, lack of activity and unhealthy lifestyle.

Osteochondritis or degenerative disk disease is the absolute leader here. Cartilaginous tissue is getting worn causing acute pain in the back and neck which never disappear itself – on the contrary it is getting worse and worse. The first symptom of osteochondritis is rapid fatigability. The best treatment is regular physical activity with healthy load on spine muscles – swimming, for instance. You can also use special preparations like Baclofen to diminish the pain and to make the regeneration faster.

Spondylosis is the next stage of the degenerative disk disease, however it may also appear independently because of the same reasons. In case if the disease is on a later stage it is cured only with the operation.

Postural disorders

Body posture is formed until the age of 25 and is incredibly difficult to cure. It is possible due to regular physical exercises under professional medical observation.

Actually wrong body posture as well as spinal deformity cannot be considered as real diseases or disorders. They do not lead to any severe consequences except constant muscular tension which does not let us feel absolutely relaxed.

By the way, in this particular case you do not have to visit your therapist. Massage is incredibly useful especially if you find a reputable specialist.

Furthermore there are dozens of proprietary methodologies prepared by individual authors like doctor Chad Sarno. He has written several books dedicated to various kinds of back pain. You will find tons of useful recommendations and effective physical exercises. People who followed this methodic are really happy about that – positive results are clearly felt after 5-10 sessions.


Radiculitis or radicular pain is a painful irritation of nerve roots at the connection to the spinal column. In more than 90% the direct cause of radiculitis is the degenerative disk disease, however sometimes it may be caused by herniated disk or old spinal column injury.

The most obvious symptom of radiculitis is acute pain. Please, do not even try to do anything yourself in such a case and call the ambulance. Only immediate hospitalization may bring quick relief and let you avoid complications that sometimes are much worse than radicular pain.

Spinal tumors

There can be dozens of different types of spinal tumors and it is absolutely impossible to describe them all in one article. As for the symptoms they also may be incredibly different. The best thing we can advise here is to consult with your therapist right away after you felt some pain or inconvenience in the back.

Oncological diseases are perfectly curable in their early stage. The main key for the success is to act quickly and avoid self-treatment. If you do not postpone your visit to the doctor you may be sure that the chances to get cured are very high.

Back injury complications

Strange pain or discomfort in particular positions of body may have different meaning. People who have had any back injuries before are recommended to contact their therapist and telling him or her all the details of the past injuries. Probably it is just a complication of an injury that was simply not cured properly.

Just like in the previous case the best solution is to visit a doctor as soon as possible. The speed of your reaction has the direct influence on the result of the treatment.

Influence of stress

Stress is our best friend today regardless of if we feel it or not. Modern life pace is much faster than it used to be and it makes us constantly keep in mind a lot of different things. All of that leads to stress which has an extremely serious impact on the quality of our life.

Even young people often suffer from stress consequences which may be favorable for infections, diseases and disorders.

If you feel fatigue all the time and suffer from discomfort or pain in your back then it would be a great solution to visit relaxing massage sessions. Oriental massage is also effective when it comes to get rid of painful back muscular tension.