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Brain Attack

Brain attack is a dangerous disorder of brain blood circulation. If it is not disclosed and treated timely it may lead to very serious consequences. The brain does not get the necessary nutrition and the glial cells are getting damages or even dead. Actually it quickly leads to impairment to those parts of brain which got hurt.

Types of brain attack

There are two main types of the brain attack:
  • 1. Ischemic stroke (often called cerebral infarction) is caused by vascular occlusion that is in its turn cause by either a thrombus or a blood clot. As the result glial cells do not get proper nutrition and get died.
  • 2. Hemorrhagic stroke is caused by the rapture of a weakened or damaged blood vessel. The blood is gathered in the tissues creating additional pressure and it provokes the impairment of this tissue.

Possible causes of brain attack

There are many risk factors for brain attack and it is really worth remembering them. Please keep in mind that it is highly recommended to contact a doctor in case if you have noticed anything suspicious!
  • 1. Elevated blood pressure
  • 2. All heart diseases
  • 3. High cholesterol. Cholesterol plaques may cause blood vessels occlusion
  • 4. Diabetes
  • 5. Blood tumors
  • 6. Obesity
  • 7. Smoking (cigarettes, cigars etc.)
  • 8. Alcohol drinking
All the factors listed above are very favorable for a possible brain attack.


A brain attack has very clear symptoms. It is absolutely impossible to seriously help a suffered person and the only possible solution is to call for the medical assistance. Below you will find the list of symptoms that definitely mean that there was a brain attack:
  • 1. Numbness of face, arm or leg muscles (especially if it happens only on one side).
  • 2. Sudden difficulties of speech or information perception.
  • 3. Abrupt vision breakdown (in one or both two eyes).
  • 4. Sudden and very strong headache.
  • 5. Sudden motor dysfunction.

We remind once again – do not try too much to help the suffered person. Please, do not give water or food to him or her. In case if a patient starts vomiting please delicately turn him on his side. Wait for the ambulance.

Brain attack prevention

As for brain attack prevention there are very common but still useful recommendations including regular and healthy sleep, physical exercises and healthy diet.

Another important thing is stress. Please try to avoid stress since it leads to a great number of various diseases, disorders and deviations. We understand that modern life is very quick and full of tension but it is incredibly important to learn how to not get too nervous.

As for the proper diet – please advise your therapist. There are lots of products improving blood circulation and vessels condition like lemons, oranges and so on.

Additionally doctors suggest that you control your blood pressure. It would be a great idea to measure it every day and if case of serious deviance to contact your therapist or even to call for ambulance.

Facts about brain attack

  • 1. There are more than 4000 kids in the United States who suffer from brain attack annually. It is the best evidence showing that this disorder has “become younger”. Unfortunately, when young people suffer from brain attack it is often wrong classified – blind headache, alcohol intoxication etc.
  • 2. Women are more vulnerable to brain attack. Furthermore their regeneration after it last almost twice longer.
  • 3. Tomatoes are the best product for brain attack prevention due to lycopene they contain. Lycopene thins the blood and does not let it form clots.
  • 4. 99 brain attacks are daily registered in Moscow, Russia.
  • 5. Recurrent stroke is very probable (up to 14%) within 2 years after the first brain attack.


After a stroke there are resuscitation procedures are absolutely necessary. When first consequences of a brain attack are removed drug treatment begins. One of the most popular is Baclofen especially for post-stroke spasticity. Please do not try to treat yourself with various preparations – they should be prescribed by a therapist individually for each patient.

There is basically enough to follow the recommendations enlisted in this article to prevent brain attack. Please take care of yourself and of your nearest and diarest.